Client Adviser Service

For clients who need some extra support

Who is the Client?

CDM 2015 makes a distinction between commercial and domestic clients, who commission construction work as part of their business.  It is the client’s responsibility to control the health and safety of those who might be affected by the project, and ensure that it is suitably managed.

Commercial Clients?

A commercial client is any individual or organisation that carries out a construction project as part of a business. 

Commercial clients have a crucial influence over how projects are run, including the management of health and safety risks. Whatever the project size, the commercial client has contractual control, appoints designers and contractors, and determines the money, time and other resources for the project.

Commercial Client Duties?

For all projects, commercial clients must:

  • make suitable arrangements for managing their project  including:
    • appointing the contractors and designers to the project
    • allowing sufficient time and resources for each stage of the project
    • making sure the  principal designer and principal contractor carry out their duties
    • making sure suitable welfare facilities are provided for the duration of the construction work
  • maintain and review the management arrangements for the duration of the project
  • provide pre-construction information to every designer and contractor
  • ensure a construction phase plan is prepared before the construction phase begins
  • ensure a health and safety file is prepared, revised and made available to anyone who needs it

Notifiable projects :

Domestic Clients?

A domestic client is any individual who has construction work carried out on their home, or the home of a family member, that is not done as part of any business.

The domestic client duties normally pass to:

In practice, this should involve them doing little more to manage the work to ensure health and safety

years in health & safety industry
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Who we are and what we do

If you do not have the sufficient skills, experience or knowledge required to carry out your duties or you just need a bit of extra help and guidance our CDM Client Adviser Service is for you.

The service offers a comprehensive customer focused, individually tailored services and training, covering all aspects of the CDM Regulations 2015, ensuring peace of mind for YOU.

We offer:

  • Construction Safety and related Advisory Service to Clients, Principal Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors
  • Assistance with appointments of PC and PD
  • Competency checking on behalf of the Client the above roles of PC and PD
  • Assistance with the compilation of Pre-Construction Information
  • Assistance with the preparation of Principal Contractors and Contractors Health & Safety Plans
  • Site Inspections and Safety Audits (pro active monitoring)
  • Advice on contents of the Health & Safety File required at project completion
  • Risk Assessment advice and support
  • Health & Safety Policy preparation
  • Assistance after HSE inspections resulting in Prohibition and Improvement Notices and F.F.I. (Fee for Intervention) investigations.

The Clients We Work With